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TREX Services Details
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TREX involves collecting the emails of visitors to the site along with 5 or 6 key survey questions. Trex will provide a log book and url to enter the data. Please choose one of the following options that will best apply to you:
I will be inviting visitors to complete the log book and will be responsible for entering that data into the Trex site.
I will be inviting visitors to complete the log book, but will need to have data entry handled by Trex. (additional fees apply)
We cannot use the log book, but will use volunteers to collect the information. (additional fees apply)
We cannot use the log book, and will require Trex staff to assist in the data collection (additional fees apply)

TREX allows you to pick 2 competitive sets in which to compare your findings against. Please select your two options: (not currently available – until more clients have signed up, but please record your preferences now)

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How often do you wish to receive TREX reports? (all options include year-end)

Quarterly (additional fees apply)
Seasonal 1– Winter = Nov-Mar, Spring/Summer/Fall = April-Oct
Seasonal 2 – Winter = Oct – April, Summer = May – Sept
Seasonal 3 – Winter = Sept – May, Summer = June – Aug
Custom Dates (additional fees apply)

TREX offers other services for additional fees. Please indicate if you are interested in:
In-person presentations
Custom proprietary questions
Additional competitive sets

Confidentiality Agreement
Please confirm that you understand that the Trex system is for the sole purpose of market research. The emails and other data collected at your site are for the one time use of Trex. Your organization does NOT have the right to copy, store or use that information for any other purpose. Once the data is entered into the Trex system and verified as received, you are obligated to destroy all personal information collected.  
It is the responsibility of the site to collect information from as many visitors as possible and not to exclude any visitor for any reason. Trex is not responsible if your location fails to collect significant emails for data analysis.  

I have read and agree with statement above.